Using the Website

Overview of website structure: details for using the NIAP website

Home Page:

Includes a top menu, a slideshow gallery containing a range of images of art-forms and NIAP related activities, events and meetings of NIAP team members with artistic community figures.  It also includes below the slideshow, thematic sections accompanied by a related image.

Top menu:

The buttons on this menu provide all aspects of information about the NIAP, from its origins, values and vision, to projects and its main raison d’etre, provision of thematic information resources about Nepal’s arts and other forms of creativity, and relating to these information about Nepal and how the arts often are are platform for equality & empowerment issues and related social activism.

Drop-down menus:

Most of the top menu buttons have drop-down menus: these include for example ‘Nepali Arts’ and ‘Glossary.’  The drop-down menus cover major thematic areas, and with one or two exceptions, have related sub-menus.


These menus are located to the right of the main thematic sections of the website under the top menu items; for example ‘Visual Arts’ reveals a set of related thematic pages such as ‘Painting & Drawing,’ ‘Scupture,’ etc.

Other menus:

Some menus, such as ‘Equality & Empowerment,’ are found elsewhere on the home page in addition to the top menu buttons, whilst some of the menus appear on both the top menu bar and as sections, with a related image in the middle and lower sections of the home page.


There are a number of thematic galleries found on the drop-down menu of the top menu Galleries button. There are in addition some others linked to specific projects and topics (these are found on the relevant pages). Many sidebar menus also have links to either a relevant main thematic gallery, or specifically dedicated to the topic covered.


Some pages, especially in particular those that are part of the Nepali Arts, About Nepal, sections of the website have thematic menus.


Adding content:

If you know of an article, video or audio link that you would like to add you can email us this with the hyperlink and advised page it should be included on.  Please provide a little information — a short paragraph, etc. — about the proposed link to help as an introduction to the material.

You can also create original article material of your own, subject to it meeting the requirement of being politics-free, inclusive in nature (we cannot add any material that is discriminatory [sexist, racist, homophobic, etc.]) and not commercially motivated.  Concerning the latter, the NIAP will later in 2015 be developing a resource where such material can be listed, subject to being supportive of Fair Trade and socio-economic empowerment and inclusive values.

Copyright & non-copyright material:

Most hyperlinked material (images, articles, etc.) is in the public domain and non-copyrighted, however copyright material if included either has the authority of the content owner (some photos, articles, etc.) or is provided, in the case of articles, as a direct hyperlink under such headings as ‘related / other useful links.’