Cartoons and Caricature

In Nepal on one day a year public figures, government ministers and politicians experience both goodnatured and sometimes searing critiques, being placed for that one occasion on the same level of ordinary citizens. This is a very wholesome Nepali-culture related institution that does much to help the concept of the equality of all and of a shared citizenship.

In this spirit the genre of cartoons and caricature serves the nation in journals, newspapers and their online equivalents the year round, and can be said to unique in stimulating the all important factor of accountability of the powerful (political, economic, social and other). This page of the website provides material that illustrates and explores the role of cartoons and caricature in the daily life of the nation.

The Cartoonists Club of Nepal (Cartcon) is the leading organisation in the country for representing in particular cartoonists working in the national newspapers, and more broadly:

logo11A cartoon aimed towards wrongdoings published in the national newspapers and aired by 68 community radios throughout the country will each morning be seen/heard by millions, and the combined laughter of these readers/listeners could well be loud enough to shake the chair of the Head of the State…that is the way things are now in this country in a historical transition. … visit Cartcon’s website.