Nepali poetry is one of the least internationally [English language] known forms of the literary arts of Nepal, and yet such an important part of Nepali artistic self-identity with, on the one hand roots in the ancient Vedic Nepali-Indian spiritual-religious heritage, and on the other in contemporary times, a major medium of expressing about the human condition’s sorrows, triumphs, strengths and beauty as lived through life, love, comtemplative reflection and daily life in Nepal.

Love, Struggle and the Poetry of Nepal, an article by Dr Amitabh Mitra in an interview with Nepal’s most renowned contemporary poet, Mukul Dahal, provides an invaluable English language introduction to Nepali poetry … read more.

Trends in Modern Nepali Poetry:

Trends in Modern Nepali Poetry, by Dr. Govindaraj Bhattarai provides a detailed in-depth introduction to and fascinating exploration of Nepali poetry, its origins, characteristics and trends ….. read more.

An example of contemporary Nepali poetry [cited in Trends in Modern Nepali Poetry] by the poet Dubasu ‘….. reveals how Nepali poets have started universalizing human condition; freedom from tyranny and the attack on authoritarianism has become its goal:

‘Nelson Mandela’

Even fire blossoms sometimes

be it in mud or dust

on the soil or a trail

even a spark can turn

a homestead or a wood into ashes

for which

the month of April should begin

The poetry of Laxmi Prasad Devkota:

We are very pleased to share some examples of the work of the nationally and internationally renowned poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota, and details of his great work and life. Laxmi provided the inspiration to his son Bijaya Devkota to form the Gorkha Foundation, with whom the UKNFS/NIAP is partnering …… read more.