Introduction to Nepali Theatre

Theatre in the Nepali language exists outside Nepal. The Kirata period of pre-recorded Nepali history produced the Mundhttm, the Veda of the Tibeto-Burman Kiratas. This contains dramatic elements but makes no reference to plays or an actual stage. Some scholars, however, believe that the Harisiddhi play, still traditionally performed, had its inception during this time. The Lichchhavi period during third-ninth centuries was notable for Sanskrit theatre produced in the mandapikas or pavilions adjacent to temples. Record has it that a Ramayana play of those days was immensely popular for years. …. read more.

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Aarohan Gurukul:

The Aarohan Theatre Group has been in existence for more than twenty years, being established in the year 1982. It is known as a theatre group that embraces all the cultures, religions and rituals of Nepal, trying to empower the communities and even educate them on important events and topics that influences their daily lives. Aarohan works for the people of Nepal … read more.

Theatre Hub – theatre activities in Nepal:

Theatre Hub is an initiation to provide theatre professionals and enthusiasts across the world a platform to share their experiences and promote their productions. We dream to develop it into a virtual transit of world theatre with an inventory of theatre traditions, forms, theatre professionals and world theatre events including theatre tours and festivals … This application …  is meant to provide platform for theatre professionals and enthusiasts in Nepal in general and Kathmandu in particular to share ideas and experiences and promote their theatre productions and events.  Visit Theatre Hub’s website.

Actors Studio:

Actors Studio is Nepal’s foremost private acting school (which NIAP International Communications & Liaison Officer, Deepak Tamrakar has benefited greatly by attending), and is based on a spiritual philosophic basis that highest level acting is a profound path for spiritual self-development — hence it’s slogan ‘No Acting Please!  Actors Studio’s lead is the internationally renowned director Anup Baral.

‘The Actors’ Studio has carved a different niche in Nepali theatre by staging artistic yet committed and socially relevant plays and strongly established the presence of Nepali theatre into international arena by producing radical, experimental and original works … read more.

Actors Studio class showreel