The NIAP is driven by the realisation that the story of artistic/creative endeavour, has since the dawn of time been fundamental to the experience of humanity itself and the shaping of the world in socio-cultural and spiritual ways.

In the case of Nepal this is particularly true. It can rightly be argued that in this fabled land — that spans the Himalayas and North Indian Gangetic Plain, the geo-cultural bridge between the great and ancient cultures of southern and eastern Asia –this phenomenon exists in richer and more diverse forms than in perhaps any other land or nation.

The NIAP also seeks to help with clarification that Nepali art is distinct in its own right, and not simply ‘Indian art’ — a theme that will be made clear at many points in some of our thematic resources. It is an important theme for the education of non-Nepali / Western people concerning the differences and the interrelationships between the artistic heritages of the nations and peoples of the Republic of Nepal and the Republic of India.

The struggles and triumphs of the Nepali people, shown through the arts, are, so to speak, our own. They belong to all of humankind, they move and inspire. They resonate with the same ever recurring struggles throughout the world from the advent of recorded history, and play out today in the age of social media and international aid to developing countries.

So, what interest does the story of Nepal’s creative community have for the wider world, and especially the UK and its society, especially youth and those seeking spiritual inspiration and the development of social inclusion, fairness, and celebration of the human race’s diversity through the arts?

This story has the deepest relevance to countless people as well as artists and arts/theatre/film/music lovers, listeners’ readers and viewers across the globe, for it provides inspiration as well as awareness of cultural heritage and knowledge about diverse creative strands.

Art is not a luxury:

Artistic creativity is at the heart of the very life of the human race in every meaningful sense – the Muses have ever been nurtured through the virtues of Courage, Humanity, struggle for justness, the fight of spirituality to triumph in a material — and commonly found corrupt – world. The quest of selfless love, love between two souls, and the quest for the meaning of life at the most intimate and personal levels in the face of death, injustice, poverty, discrimination and deceit and betrayal.

It is a moving and captivating story of human genius, courage and inspiration, and best shown and told through the works and words of Nepal’s world-renowned artistic community itself.

Alan Mercel-Sanca

NIAP lead and initiator