Nepali literature is a particularly important part of the nation’s cultural heritage. We have highlighted some of the major aspects, and one or two lesser known areas of Nepal’s writers, ranging from contemporary literature in English and classical literature (such as Nepali-Indian spiritual-religious epics and mythology), in such genres as contemporary plays and novels, through to short Stories, non-fiction, and poetry to Nepali ghost stories.

The articles relating to these give a flavour of how writers past and present cover topics that define Nepali identity in all its diversity, the country’s relationship to neighbouring lands and the broader world, social change and justice issues, war and peace, distinct cultures. Writers have often and continue to be highly influential in helping shape and propel movements for change in socio-political domains, for equality and emancipation, in ways that influence political and geo-political debate, yet remain aloof from day-to-day party political entanglement.

Through study of the material provided through the links provided, the reader can gain a better knowledge of life in Nepal past and present, about the nations struggles, triumphs and challenges for ordinary citizens as well as historic figures. Nepali literature at many points speaks through the themes it covers, of the common experiences known to broader humanity, as well as delineating specific unique characteristics of the culture and life of this highly diverse nation.

LA.Lit Magazine:

The LA.Lit online magazine of contemporary Nepali literature, is Nepal’s foremost medium for sharing the diversity and vibrancy of Nepali contemporary fiction and non-fiction writers, poets, and also photographers:

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A valuable overview of Nepali literature is provided at the Digital Library of Nepali Literature.