Objectives & Audiences

The NIAP was developed at an exploratory concept level in the summer of 2013, and in the past twelve months taken concrete form.

This has involved extensive interest from and consultation with renowned artists, musicians, actors, writers, gallery owners and arts organisation leads and social activists with an interest in the arts as a medium for mobilising change in Nepal.  In addition, renowned UK-based Nepali artists, various members and lead figures in arts groups and related organisations in the UK, and participatory and other forms of support from youth, colleges and the arts sections of universities and local councils in the Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole area, have also input to defining the NIAP’s core objectives and activity areas. These are:

  • To support and drive/promote, through online information resources, awareness of  currently unmet substantial needs for the ‘Voice’ of Nepal’s artistic and creative community to be heard, as witness to and actively leading on many social justice, empowerment of dis-empowered communities, anti-discrimination, equality issues. More information about these issues and how the NIAP seeks to contribute to solutions can be read on the Equality & Empowerment section of the website
  • To provide a basis for, in the UK, giving a platform, and one-stop online Nepali arts resource, for promoting greater awareness of the UK Nepali community’s contribution to the multicultural heritage of the UK, and also informing British youth about global citizenship values and benefits as a result of learning about the richness and diversity of Nepali artistic cultural heritage
  • At a further level the NIAP seeks to support and publicize awareness about existing Nepal arts promotion, at international [Nepal] and UK levels

It is as a result of these three strands of input, motivation and direct and indirect support that the NIAP has been formed … read more