Siddhartha Arts Foundation & Kathmandu International Arts Festival

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The Siddhartha Arts Foundation [SAF] enjoys a uniquely important place in Nepal’s contemporary visual arts world, and a progressive and dynamic force for expanding and internationalizing the latter.


Sangeeta Thapa and internationally recognized artist, Shashikala Tiwari, established Siddhartha Art Gallery on September the 27th, 1987 as a contemporary art space and meeting point for artists from Nepal and abroad. In 1997, the Gallery relocated to the magnificent Baber Mahal Revisited complex. The Siddhartha Art Gallery has been active in the promotion of contemporary Nepalese art and has strived to introduce international perspectives in art, to the Kathmandu community. … read more.

Background to the SAF:

Nepalese Art is usually associated with thangkas and religious bronze and silver sculptures. Nepal is also famous for her architecture and temple squares and an unrivaled tradition in metal work and woodcarvings. The Siddhartha Art Gallery, has been active in the promotion of contemporary expressions in Art for the last twenty four years. In order to understand how contemporary Art evolved in Nepal, one has to look into Nepali history. … read more.

Sangeeta Thapa is also co-founder of the triennial Kathmandu International Art Festival, which is Nepal’s most famous arts festival, embracing a number of artistic mediums.  Many aspects of work of the KIAF are carried on between the festivals through the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre [KCAC], which exists in both Kathmandu and London (with the later being led by Celia Washington, co-founder of both KCAC and the KIAF, with Sangeeta Thapa) and being The main driving force for Nepali visual fine arts promotion and publicity across a number of important activity domains.