Nepal Arts Council [NAC] Britain-Nepal Bicentenary Exhibition Project

The NIAP and its initiating organisation the UK Nepal Friendship Society, is delighted to be working with the Nepal Arts Council [NAC] regarding important logistical, structuring and research support in the UK for their historically important Britain-Nepal Bicentenary photographic exhibition project.  This involves high quality photographic reproductions of historically and symbolically important Nepali, or Nepal related works of art (textile and statuary as well as paintings, drawings, etc.) held in key UK institutes such as the British Museum, British Library, Royal Botanical Gardens, V&A Museum, Natural History Museum, Royal Geographical Society, Royal Asiatic Society, etc.  These will be displayed at the NAC in early 2016 as its major contribution to the Britain Nepal Bicentenary commemoration and celebration.

At Nepal Arts Council with Mr Sagar Rana NAC Vice President, Swosti Rajbhandari NAC Curator, Deepak Tamrakar and Alan Mercel-Sanca meeting image

At Nepal Arts Council with Mr Sagar Rana NAC Vice President, Swosti Rajbhandari NAC Curator, Alan Mercel-Sanca & Deepak Tamrakar from the NIAP team

In early March 2015 at a meeting at the NAC in Kathmandu, Mr Sagar Rana (NAC Vice President) and Mrs Swosti Rajbhandari (NAC Curator) outlined the important purpose and exciting nature of their project to NIAP Lead Officer Alan Mercel-Sanca and NIAP International Officer (and lead on the NIAP’s fashion section) Deepak Tamrakar.  This was a result of NAC awareness of the special nature, vision and cross-cultural learning through the arts and connecting the broader creative communities (performing and musical, writing, as well as visual arts) that the NIAP stands for and is putting in to effect.   On our side, we feel greatly honoured to be assisting in such a direct way by working in partnership with the Nepal Arts Council.

Both the NAC and the NIAP are deeply appreciative to Dr Mark Watson (Royal Botanical Society Scotland), Coordinator of the Britain Nepal 200 Network group for his invaluable assistance with making the necessary introductions between the NAC and the British institutes that hold in their archives and collections many of the very important works of art that will feature in this nationally and internationally important exhibition project.