Krishna Subedhi & Child Nepal organisation

Krishna SubedhiKrishna is the NIAP’s Children’s Rights advisor, writer and arts promoter. Nepal’s most renowned campaigner in the field of children’s human rights (a subject that the NIAP website will cover in its core Equality and Empowerment section), Mr Krishna Subhedi joined the NIAP team in October 2014 through the kind introduction of Mr Jib Acharya (one of the founders of the original UKNFS group); at that time through him the NIAP team gained through his colleague Mrs Nar Kumari Gurung, its Womens Rights & Gender Equality Lead and international advisor

Child Nepal (CN) has been promoting innovative campaigns and programs in promoting rights of children in Nepal. “Longest Painting in the World on Peace and Child Rights in Nepal by Children” is one of the prominent campaigns we initiated for massive awareness on peace and child rights in children’s own participation through paintings.  You can learn more about this historic initiative through the following link Link:

  lp photo

The NIAP is delighted to be an international platform for this unique project for humanity, the rights of Nepal’s children to have a real future and realisation of their potential!  Concept Note on Longest Painting in the World

You can learn more about the work of Mr Subhedi at Child Nepal, where he is Chairperson, by visiting its website: