HimMaya, the Last Yeti, and Dolma: Tale by Sunil Babu Pant

The NIAP is delighted to be given the honour of publishing online this wonderful and seering tale by the writer Sunil Babu Pant.  Sunil is better known nationalli in Nepal and internationally for his work as founder of the Blue Diamond Society and Nepal’s LGBTI human rights movement.

What is less well known internationally is that he is a very talented writer of spiritual topics.  In this story there are many parallels with the experience of those from minority communities who contribute so much to life and humanity, and yet are feared and hated (and sometimes exploited) by the ignorant and those of weak/poor character, for ‘being different.’

You can read here his wonderful, sad and instructional tale HimMaya the Last Yeti and Dolma.

The author has also advised that a set of precious images from the location area for the story may be useful for readers to view: http://robotics.stanford.edu/~latombe/mountain/photo/nepal-2014/humla-2014-8.htm