Graphic Design


Kathmandu is the nation’s foremost location for its ever growing graphic design and IT sector, which is becoming of increasing significance internationally. The factors that have encouraged the emergence and growth of the graphic design and related IT sectors result from the capital being regarded as The place to study graphic design and then develop businesses where young graphic designers can learn from each other, sometimes 1-2-1 and more often in societies, associations and collective groups.

A number of core NIAP volunteer officers and IT advisors, for example, specialise in this area of creative visual e-communication art.

In some cases the designs created are iconoclastic and find their way on to the international stage for the way they adroitly, through imagery make points that are strong or subtle in covering topics from products marketing to truths about social issues, and in others giving beautiful electronic representations of spiritual symbols, such as mandalas (such as the work above by Shishir Dhakal).

There are, naturally close interconnections between the graphic design world of Kathmandu with the capital’s fashion design world (especially patterns for textiles that are used with some clothes design), and the more long-established world of the capital’s print makers.