Govinda Sah ‘Azad’

                             Govinda-Sah   Govinda-Sah,-Salvation,-2011,-Oil-and-acrylic-on-canvas,-148x148cm.-Photo--Jonathan_Greet_Image-courtesy-October-Gallery,-London

The NIAP team is delighted and honoured that international, UK-based Nepali artist Govinda is our lead visual arts technical advisor and officer, supporting the vision and values of the NIAP in the UK as a dynamic ambassador for the Nepali visual arts.  A true philosopher of Spirit, who lives and seeks to share his spiritual journey through art, Govinda is a teacher, an exceptional one: through the medium of his iconic and inspirational paintings. He reminds us all of the interconnection we all have with Nature, the Universe, and the fact that Life in the true sense is about a journey of spiritual discovery and self-realisation free of materialism and ego.

Alan Mercel-Sanca


Article about Govinda’s special role in being the foremost Nepali painter based in the Westarticle

The Power of Clouds: Article by Will Gethin

‘Govinda Sah Azad, 39, is a remarkable Nepalese artist who is currently taking the London art world by storm with his zeitgeist paintings of clouds, portrayed as iconic symbols of spiritual power that also warn of the dangers of climate change …… The Power of Clouds article

About Govinda’s art:

Govinda’s intention in his work is to demonstrate the invisible by means of the visible.  In other words, in visually depicted cloud movements he attempts to paint invisible concepts such as morality, the environment, the sublime and spirituality ….. Author Anthony Blake has said of his work, “His very tangible, textured, exquisite and astonishing canvases are windows into primordial worlds and the mystery of how nothing becomes something”. …  read more

The artist’s epic journey across Nepal, teaching, painting and inspiring whole communities and youth

Gallery of works, reproduced with the kind permission of the artist and the October Gallery (London):