Gaumukhi Area Arts & Cultural Heritage Project

                                    GDA general class view GDA Group photo

The NIAP project, in partnership with the Gaumukhi – Dorpatan – Pyuthan United Network (UNESEEN), seeks to profile the artisans, artists and broader community of the Gaumukhi Development Area (GDA), which lies to the west / south-west of the Greater Himalaya Trail, yet remains a still little known and visited area of the Mid-West of Nepal. The image st the bottom of this page features  a map of the area.

The initial phase of the Gaumukhi Development Area NIAP – UNESEEN project — that aims to provide teaching about the arts and their value for personal and professional skills self-development to youth and the broader community, with the more longterm purpose of this beautiful yet remote area of Nepal gaining opportunities for greater economic development through cultural tourism — took place with a two-day arts learning/awareness workshop at the Gaumukhi Higher Secondary School, Pyuthan (GHSS), on the 18th & 19th December 2014.Two images from the event are featured above.

The NIAP and UNESEEN wish to thank both Shishir Dhakal leading on the major educational component of the workshop in conjunction with Dipak Mehta, from the NIAP side, and to provide our fullest appreciation to the UNESEEN Executive Committee and the teachers of the school for their enthusiasm and greatly appreciated lead in organising the workshop, which involved directly at least 50 participants, and in the area of almost 150 members of the community who were indirectly involved in this ground-breaking educational event. Subsequent development of this initiative is planned for the Spring and Summer.

                  GDA map