The Arts & Social Justice & Social Activism in Nepal

This section of the Equality & Empowerment part of the NIAP website highlights how members of the Nepali and international creative community lead the way in the most effective ways for fighting against social injustice across many domains, and such evils as Nepal’s sex trafficking trade.  This very important part and purpose of the NIAP is designed to develop an information resource that can profile the brilliant and courageous work of Nepali artists, writers, graphic designers, photographers and film-makers as well as performing artists regarding their dedication and passion to see a Nepal that is free of injustice and such blights as sex trafficking.

At an international level the NIAP is delighted to be developing a close partnership with the Creative Conscience Awards organisation to strengthen each others invaluable work in a Nepal and Nepali context. We are delighted to promote the work of Creative Conscience awards winner Barsha Pant, who is a UK-based nationally and internationally recognised Nepali graphic designer and photographer who won a Creative Conscience award through a groundbreaking information poster on the scourge of Sex Trafficking

This page will feature links to work designed to highlight issues of social injustice that commonly individuals and sometimes whole groups and peoples suffer from powerless and alone.

   Lets burn the paintings

Govinda Sah ‘Azad’ — ‘Lets Burn the Burden: Burn the Paintings’: an Arts Protest for Peace & Humanity.  This protest is almost unique in its nature and the seriousness of its purpose in the Nepal of the autumn of 2015. To learn more please read Lets burn the burden.  It emphasises how exceptional artists such as Govinda can often take dramatic steps to represent the conscience of a nation that seeks peace and fairness in times of chaos and brutal and divisive events.